Guidelines for submission

To submit your paper (extended abstract), please place it in the drop box.

Extended abstracts are invited on all subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference: to present, discuss and learn about the latest developments in networking technology for the research and education community and their use by the community. The suggested conference topics are an indication of the planned scope of the conference, but are not meant to be restrictive.

Extended abstracts of 600 to 1200 words (one to two A4 pages) must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference. These should be accompanied by a short professional biography of the author(s) and the full names and contact details of the author(s) as outlined below. Keywords will assist the programme committee in planning the final programme of the conference.

The Conference Programme Committee will review all abstracts submitted to the conference on the basis of a set of criteria including the quality of the submission and its relevance to this conference, originality and international scope of the subject matter.


Extended abstracts should be submitted in HTML, PDF, Word, Open Office or as plain ASCII text files.


All abstracts should be structured in the following order: Title, Authors, Author Affiliations, Keywords, Abstract, Acknowledgements, References, Author Biographies.
The abstract should be about 1200 words (2 A4's) in addition to the Acknowledgements, References and Author Biographies.

Authors and Author Affiliation(s)

The first and family names of all authors and co-authors should be provided. The organisational affiliation, postal address and e-mail address of each author should also be listed.


Abstracts should include between one and five keywords to describe the contents. Each keyword (which may be a phrase or a single word) should describe a single concept. Conjunctives (words such as "and", and "while" which join words or, phrases together) and common words such as "computer" should be avoided. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelt out (e.g. "Asynchronous Transfer Mode" instead of "ATM") unless the abbreviation is so well established that the full term is rarely used, for example, use "laser" instead of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".

Authors Biographies

Short biographies (maximum of 100 words) should be provided for each author of the paper. Biographies should be included at the end of the paper under the heading "Vitae".

Notification of Acceptance

Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors by 22 January 2008.