Conference Topics

Extended abstracts (rather than full papers) are invited on all subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference: to present, discuss and learn about the latest developments in networking technology for the research and education community and their use by the community. The topics below are an indication of the planned scope of the conference, but are not meant to be restrictive.

Beyond connectivity

Who is there?Digital Identity in Action
User-centric Identity, Trust, Roaming, Federations and Policies, Enabling Applications
Is this for real?Virtual Worlds
Social Communities, Culture, Virtual Worlds, Gaming, Realtime Communication Services
What is bothering you?Security
Privacy, Incident Response, Safe Networks, Disaster Recovery, Regulators and the NRENs, Availability, Spam-Spim–Spit
What is behind?
Service Clouds- e-science, e-arts/humanities, environmental monitoring, advanced and mobile Web technologies and content networks
What is happening?Monitoring and Measurement
Diagnostics, Going Global, Harmonising Systems and Services, That Third A!
What next?Future Development
Enhanced Media Content, Growing the Network, Adding Bandwidth, the Next Billion Users/the Next Ten Billion Devices, Up-scaling Services, Innovative Uses
Who cares?The Users Do
WiMAX, 3G, Make It Simple (Plug-and-Play), Expanding Campuses, Lightpaths, Service Provision

Extended abstracts of about 1200 words (two A4 pages) must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference.