Latvian Grid project developing Grid computing environment

Baiba Kaškina, Kristīne Andresone, Guntis Barzdinš, Dana Ludviga, Solvita Rovīte, Katrina Sataki, Edgars Znot, University of Latvia, Latvia

The Latvian Grid project started in 2006 with the main aims:
To develop Grid computing environment in Latvia including implementation of the Arc and gLite middlewares and their interconnection,
To gridify new applications like ANSYS and SemTiKamols (the project of semantic Web),
To establish Latvian Grid CA.

Some highlights of our developments are:
Grid enablement of ANSYS/LS-DYNA to perform numerical simulation in Grid;
Development of Grid application submission tool Grinder;
Prototype installation of low latency interconnect cluster based on InfiniBand technology to accelerate MPI type jobs and provide other low latency services;
Development of Xen based virtualised Grid clusters for better utilisation of available computing resources and improvement of cluster security and availability, as well as creating flexible environment for prototyping and testing of new systems;
Research and implementation of dispersed data storage solutions (e.g. Cleversafe) to provide fast, crypted, large-scale and reliable data storage in the dispersed storage network.

The poster highlights the most interesting the achievements of the Latvian Grid project as well as the contact details.