Performance comparision of secure and insecure VoIP environments

Miroslav Vozňák, CESNET, Czech Republic, Rozza Alessandro and Nappa Antonio, University of Milan, Italy

This poster deals with techniques of measuring and assessment of the voice transmitted in IP networks in secure and insecure environment using different virtual testbeds and a real implementation based on OpenSer. They realised their real platform, in order to understand how the voice services in IP network are affected by using the secure IP environment. The real performance test was implemented between VSB-Technical University in Ostrava and University degli studi of Milan.

They have described a secure solution based on Virtual Private Network and how this security can influence the DoS resistance. Their aim was to underline how the voice performances could be influenced by DoS attacks and, how much, the usage of a VPN can decrease the infrastructure resistance while is overloaded by DoS attacks. Following to this, they have pointed out the advantages and the disadvantages of the adopted security measure and compared the performances of both solutions. Furthermore they have described two virtual testbed, one developed using a traffic emulator and the second one based on a network simulator. Both the virtual environments were implemented in secure and insecure way. The performance evaluation of the VoIP applications is quite complex, for this reason they adopted an application Ixchariot, that is able to compute such complex evaluation indexes, like MOS and R-Factor.