Hardware-accelerated framework for flow monitoring of 10Gbit networks

Pavel Celeda, Vojtech Krmicek, Radek Krejci, CESNET, Czech Republic

This poster presents a framework targeted for traffic monitoring in 10Gbit networks. It consists of a special hardware-accelerated FlowMon monitoring probe and a NfSen collector. The presented solution is based on
IP flow monitoring, collecting information about IP traffic passing through the network. The framework supports NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9 and IPFIX export formats.

The main advantages of this solution are easy deployment to the existing network infrastructure (invisible on L2 and L3 layer, connected as a splitter or repeater), high performance, IPv4, IPv6 and MPLS support, advanced functions (sampling, anonymisation), graphic representations of network traffic structure and monitoring of network trends, periods and traffic anomalies.

In addition to the framework properties, this poster details the system architecture, brings examples of typical probe deployment and shows measurement results from 10Gbit backbone networks. The FlowMon probe is being developed within the JRA2 activity of the GN2 project.