BalticGrid-II project

Baiba Kaškina, Kristīne Andresone, Guntis Barzdinš, Dana Ludviga, Solvita Rovīte, Katrina Sataki, Edgars Znot, University of Latvia, Latvia

The objective of the BalticGrid-II project is to increase the impact, adoption and reach of the recently created e-Infrastructure in the Baltic States, as well as to extend the e-Infrastructure to Belarus.

SA2 activity of the project deals with Network provisioning. The main objectives of this activity are to:
Coordinate network services in all partnering countries, monitor network performance and its adherence to the concluded Service Level Agreements (SLA) between BalticGrid-II and NRENs;
Improve network provisioning by improving network performance for applications that require transfer of large data volumes;
Provide efficient handling of Grid security incidents;
Coordinate the work of SA2 with other projects, e.g. GÉANT2, EGEE, research institutions, e.g., Fermilab, and industry.

The poster highlights the most interesting aspects of networking within the BalticGrid-II infrastructure.