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100GbE and 40GbE Transport – Extending Data Networks into the Regional Domain
educonf – Co-ordinated support of European videoconferencing (GN2 SA6)
A Client Middleware for Token-Based Unified Single Sign On to eduGAIN
A Network Security Service for GÉANT2
AAIEye - A Monitoring Tool for AAI's
Are we REDI? Research and Education Development Index
Brazil's teleheath initiative - using networks to improve medical and health education, diagnosis and treatment
E2Emon – A perfSONAR-based Monitoring System for Multi-domain, Point-to-Point Managed Bandwidth Services
Global On-demand Light Paths – Developing a Global Control Plane
NRENs on the AutoBAHN: Case studies and requirements
RadSec - Enhanced Security, Reliability and Flexibility for the RADIUS protocol
Simple, but Secure! - simpleSAMLphp
The PERT – Evolution from a Centralised to a Federated Organization
The authentication and authorization infrastructure of perfSONAR MDM
The problem of overlapping eduroam networks operated by different organizations
eduGAIN in Real Life
mcview -- A tool for visualising and debugging multicast
Interdomain SLAs Enforcement In Real QoS-Enabled Networks
Operations of Multi domain Services
Adding Authorisation to EduRoam
Advanced Monitoring Techniques for a Large Scale Data Processing Network
Architectures for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution
Aretusa: reputation system for BitTorrent
Argos: The High-Interaction back-end Honeypot of NoAH
Behavioral analysis in host-based IDS and its application to honeypots
Between GRIDs and Networks: GRID-enabled Network Control Planes
Bridging troubled water: Quality of Experience
Campus Issues
Challenges specific to providing services in a multi-country environment
CineGrid over PBT paths:High quality digital content over L2 engineered path
Closing Remarks
Connectivity between the Health and National Research and Education Network in the UK
Content Distribution: Bringing TV to the PC
Costs and benefits of strong authentication methods at NREN constituents
Decentralized access to medical images in Research and Enterprise PACS Applications
Designing a Large Scale IPv6 Broadband Access Service
Detecting Incidents with NfSen
Detection of Malicious Traffic on Backbone Links by Packet Header Analysis
EDDY, Diagnostics in a distributed, layered world
EFDA-Fed: European federation among fusion energy research laboratories
Educational Multimedia Content distribution. A 3 years experience with University of Vigo IPTV
European Grid Initiative
European electronic identity: an overview of the state of play and of the remaining key challenges
Evolution of Research Networks: Quantity? Quality? Functionality?
Generating signatures for zero-day network attacks
Globus Medicus
Go-Green: Three Intelligent Ways for the Network to Save Power
Grid Computing Requirements
Honey@Home: The “eyes and ears” of the NoAH project
Honeypots in an RFID-tagged world
Identification of Network Applications based on Machine Learning Techniques
Increasing accessibility to non-technical users
Infrastructure for new Internet research: the FEDERICA project
JANET(UK) Shibboleth on Windows project
Large-scale Networked Virtual Environments - Architechture and Applications
Live Music Performances over High-Speed IP Networks
Management of Inter-Domain Dynamic Lightpaths
Management of Inter-Domain Dynamic Lightpaths
Marketing-led versus technology-led approach
Mobile IP Trials in the UK
Moderator - What worked and what didn’t work?
NETCONF - Secure FlowMon Probe Remote Configuration
Network Access Control and Beyond
Network Performance Monitoring for the EGEE Grid
Network-level Defense
Opening Wireless Security at the Open1X Project
Optical networking for mainstream research and education networks
PLSB: A proposed evolution of the Provider Backbone Bridge Network
Passive monitoring of 10 Gb/s lines with PC hardware
Path Finding Using the Multi-Layer Network Description Language
Personal Telepresence using Scalable Video Coding
Probing Next Generation Portuguese Academic
Prototype of MPLS/GMPLS path-based booking system for user-oriented BoD services
REPLAY – Enhancing audiovisual recordings towards multimedia learning objects on a large scale
Reconsidering the Internet architecture
Reflections on Higher Education in the Global Context
SCARIe: eVLBI Software Correlation Over Dynamic Lambda Grids
SPIT: do not wait until it is too late
Setting up a security infrastructure at the University of Messina: practice and experience.
Shibboleth 2.0: Finally
Short Lived Credential Service Implementation Based on National AAI
Social Networking - Security at The Digital Cocktail Party
Spaces for experimentation: Artists’ Networks and the Access Grid
Storage services: collecting the pieces of the puzzle
Synchronizing Real-Life Locations in a Virtual Campus
TNC 2009 in Málaga
Taking Care of Our Core Business: Managing Community Collaboration
Tata Communications and R&E, from GIBN to GLIF
Teaching, Learning and Collaboration via JANET
The Australian Access Federation
The MANTICORE Project: Providing Users with a Logical IP Network Service
The Move towards Programmable Networks
The New Virtualization Paradigm, What Does it Mean for Campuses?
The Research and Innovation perspective.
The University of the Future
Towards a secure, scalable, compatible and open IPTV solution
Trusted interdomain communication in SIP
Utilising eduroam architecture in building wireless community networks
VINI and its future directions
Virtual Private Ad Hoc Networks
What honeypots tell us about the ongoing attack strategies on the Internet
What is Happening from Behind? - Making the Impact of Internet Topology Visible
Where is our journey taking us? (An environment in support of student learners)
Why isn't Eduroam taking off in the USA?
Why the Identity Messy-system sucks, and how to fix it
e-VLBI: a real-time telescope larger than Europe
eduroam in Portugal
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