The MANTICORE Project: Providing Users with a Logical IP Network Service

The MANTICORE Project is being carried out by HEAnet, the i2CAT Foundation, NORDUnet, RedIRIS and Juniper Networks. The main goal of MANTICORE is to support the virtualization of physical as well as logical routers and to create an innovative service that provides the Network Operations Center and end users with the ability to customize the configuration of its own dedicated IP physical and/or logical network. The MANTICORE Software Architecture is built on top of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Framework, a generalized approach to the outcome of years of research under the UCLP Research programs.



  • Eduard Grasa
  • Xavier Hesselbach
  • Sergi Figuerola
  • Victor Reijs
  • Dave Wilson
  • Jean-Marc Uze
  • Lars Fischer
  • Tomas de Miguel