JANET(UK) Shibboleth on Windows project

The UK federation was launched in November 2006 on behalf of an education and research community of between 12 and 18 million eligible end users. A significant proportion of this community are "Microsoft only" organisations. The purpose of the JANET Shibboleth on Windows project is to test and develop an automated Shibboleth IdP installer for a Windows Active Directory environment. This talk will give an update on all aspects of the project including initial findings, challenges and timescales. For more details, please visit the project website:



  • Louis Searchwell, Technical Specialist: Authentication and Authorisation JANET(UK)
  • The Shibboleth installer for Windows described in this presentation and the example of its use represent work undertaken for EDINA, University of Edinburgh through a JISC funded Shibboleth support and development project (SDSS) by Rod Widdowson, Steading System Software LLP.