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14:00 Opening Plenary Plenary Room - Ambassadeur
Evolution of Research Networks: Quantity? Quality? Functionality?
16:00 1B - Who is there? - The General Picture of Identity Management Room B - Mozart
European electronic identity: an overview of the state of play and of the remaining key challenges
Social Networking - Security at The Digital Cocktail Party
Taking Care of Our Core Business: Managing Community Collaboration
16:00 1A - What is behind? - Experimenting with the network Room A - Strauss
The MANTICORE Project: Providing Users with a Logical IP Network Service
Infrastructure for new Internet research: the FEDERICA project
VINI and its future directions
16:00 1C - What is happening? - Monitoring advanced infrastructures Room C - Beethoven
Network Performance Monitoring for the EGEE Grid
Advanced Monitoring Techniques for a Large Scale Data Processing Network
Passive monitoring of 10 Gb/s lines with PC hardware
16:00 1D - Who cares? - Campus Networking Issues Room D - Erasmus
Campus Issues
The University of the Future
The New Virtualization Paradigm, What Does it Mean for Campuses?
09:00 Plenary Plenary Room - Ambassadeur
Why the Identity Messy-system sucks, and how to fix it
Network Access Control and Beyond
11:00 2B - Who is there? - SAML in Practice Room B - Mozart
Shibboleth 2.0: Finally
JANET(UK) Shibboleth on Windows project
Simple, but Secure! - simpleSAMLphp
11:00 2A - What is behind? - Medical Applications Room A - Strauss
Connectivity between the Health and National Research and Education Network in the UK
Globus Medicus
Decentralized access to medical images in Research and Enterprise PACS Applications
11:00 2C - Is this for real? - IPTV and music performances over IP Room C - Beethoven
Towards a secure, scalable, compatible and open IPTV solution
Educational Multimedia Content distribution. A 3 years experience with University of Vigo IPTV
Live Music Performances over High-Speed IP Networks
11:00 2D - What is bothering you? - Malicious traffic Room D - Erasmus
Network-level Defense
Detection of Malicious Traffic on Backbone Links by Packet Header Analysis
A Network Security Service for GÉANT2
14:00 3B - Who is there? - eduGAIN Room B - Mozart
eduGAIN in Real Life
The authentication and authorization infrastructure of perfSONAR MDM
A Client Middleware for Token-Based Unified Single Sign On to eduGAIN
14:00 3A - What is behind? - Making Grid applications happen Room A - Strauss
European Grid Initiative
CineGrid over PBT paths:High quality digital content over L2 engineered path
SCARIe: eVLBI Software Correlation Over Dynamic Lambda Grids
14:00 3C - Is this for real? - Virtual spaces Room C - Beethoven
Synchronizing Real-Life Locations in a Virtual Campus
Teaching, Learning and Collaboration via JANET
14:00 3D - What is bothering you? - Honeypots 1 Room D - Erasmus
Honey@Home: The “eyes and ears” of the NoAH project
Behavioral analysis in host-based IDS and its application to honeypots
Generating signatures for zero-day network attacks
16:00 4B - Who is there? - Applying Federated Identity Management Room B - Mozart
EFDA-Fed: European federation among fusion energy research laboratories
Adding Authorisation to EduRoam
Short Lived Credential Service Implementation Based on National AAI
16:00 4A - What is behind? - Matching Applications Requirements Room A - Strauss
Between GRIDs and Networks: GRID-enabled Network Control Planes
Grid Computing Requirements
Path Finding Using the Multi-Layer Network Description Language
16:00 4C - Is this for real? - Virtual environments & communities Room C - Beethoven
Brazil's teleheath initiative - using networks to improve medical and health education, diagnosis and treatment
Large-scale Networked Virtual Environments - Architechture and Applications
Spaces for experimentation: Artists’ Networks and the Access Grid
16:00 4D - What is bothering you? - Honeypots 2 Room D - Erasmus
Honeypots in an RFID-tagged world
Argos: The High-Interaction back-end Honeypot of NoAH
What honeypots tell us about the ongoing attack strategies on the Internet
09:00 Plenary Plenary Room - Ambassadeur
Where is our journey taking us? (An environment in support of student learners)
Reflections on Higher Education in the Global Context
11:00 5B - Who is there? - Deploying and Leveraging PKI Room B - Mozart
The Australian Access Federation
Setting up a security infrastructure at the University of Messina: practice and experience.
Costs and benefits of strong authentication methods at NREN constituents
11:00 5A - What is behind? - P2P and multimedia Room A - Strauss
Architectures for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution
Content Distribution: Bringing TV to the PC
SPIT: do not wait until it is too late
11:00 5C - What is happening? - Network monitoring Room C - Beethoven
Interdomain SLAs Enforcement In Real QoS-Enabled Networks
Prototype of MPLS/GMPLS path-based booking system for user-oriented BoD services
Probing Next Generation Portuguese Academic
11:00 5D - What next? - Multi-domain Lightpaths Room D - Erasmus
Optical networking for mainstream research and education networks
Management of Inter-Domain Dynamic Lightpaths
NRENs on the AutoBAHN: Case studies and requirements
14:00 6B - Who is there? - Roaming technology Room B - Mozart
RadSec - Enhanced Security, Reliability and Flexibility for the RADIUS protocol
Opening Wireless Security at the Open1X Project
eduroam in Portugal
14:00 6A - Who cares? - User network issues Room A - Strauss
Designing a Large Scale IPv6 Broadband Access Service
Global On-demand Light Paths – Developing a Global Control Plane
Virtual Private Ad Hoc Networks
14:00 6C - What is happening? - Security&monitoring Room C - Beethoven
Detecting Incidents with NfSen
Identification of Network Applications based on Machine Learning Techniques
NETCONF - Secure FlowMon Probe Remote Configuration
14:00 6D - What next? - New video technologies / services and storage Room D - Erasmus
Personal Telepresence using Scalable Video Coding
REPLAY – Enhancing audiovisual recordings towards multimedia learning objects on a large scale
Storage services: collecting the pieces of the puzzle
16:00 7B - Who is there? - eduroam Room B - Mozart
The problem of overlapping eduroam networks operated by different organizations
Utilising eduroam architecture in building wireless community networks
Why isn't Eduroam taking off in the USA?
16:00 7A - Who Cares? - Collaboration tools & user experience Room A - Strauss
Are we REDI? Research and Education Development Index
educonf – Co-ordinated support of European videoconferencing (GN2 SA6)
Bridging troubled water: Quality of Experience
16:00 7C - What is happening? - Monitoring tools Room C - Beethoven
mcview -- A tool for visualising and debugging multicast
E2Emon – A perfSONAR-based Monitoring System for Multi-domain, Point-to-Point Managed Bandwidth Services
AAIEye - A Monitoring Tool for AAI's
16:00 7D - What next? - Upcoming technologies and services Room D - Erasmus
Reconsidering the Internet architecture
100GbE and 40GbE Transport – Extending Data Networks into the Regional Domain
Operations of Multi domain Services
09:00 8B - Who is there? - Identity Management and Other Protocols Room B - Mozart
Aretusa: reputation system for BitTorrent
Trusted interdomain communication in SIP
Mobile IP Trials in the UK
09:00 8A - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: GÉANT2 Exposed Room A - Strauss
Moderator - What worked and what didn’t work?
Marketing-led versus technology-led approach
Challenges specific to providing services in a multi-country environment
Increasing accessibility to non-technical users
The Research and Innovation perspective.
09:00 8C - A word from TERENA's industrial members Room C - Beethoven
Tata Communications and R&E, from GIBN to GLIF
The Move towards Programmable Networks
Go-Green: Three Intelligent Ways for the Network to Save Power
PLSB: A proposed evolution of the Provider Backbone Bridge Network
09:00 8D - What is happening? - Concepts and big pictures Room D - Erasmus
The PERT – Evolution from a Centralised to a Federated Organization
EDDY, Diagnostics in a distributed, layered world
What is Happening from Behind? - Making the Impact of Internet Topology Visible
11:00 Closing Plenary Plenary Room - Ambassadeur
e-VLBI: a real-time telescope larger than Europe
Closing Remarks
TNC 2009 in Málaga