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1C - What is happening? - Monitoring advanced infrastructures

Network performance monitoring has traditionally been important to the operation of networks of any significant size as an aid to fault detection and for determining expected performance. Though, there are some infrastructures that, on real-time, need to adapt to the network conditions in order to optimise their performance. For those infrastructures, the network performance monitoring is more than important, it is a key factor. This session will present the network challenges and complexities of two examples of advanced infrastructures, EGEE and LHC and how have been overcomed in order to measure and monitor their performance. One of those challenges is the 10Gbps links passive network monitoring with a PC. This session views are complemented with the results of testing 10Gbps PC cards performance.

Presentations in this session
Network Performance Monitoring for the EGEE Grid Jeremy Nowell
Advanced Monitoring Techniques for a Large Scale Data Processing Network Brian Martin
Passive monitoring of 10 Gb/s lines with PC hardware Sven Ubik