GÉANT2 is one of the world’s most advanced international research and education networks. Together with the NRENs it connects, GÉANT2 delivers high bandwidth, innovative, hybrid networking technology and a range of user-focused services to researchers in 34 countries across Europe.

GÉANT2 is funded by the GN2 project, which impacts many special interest areas in research and education networking. In addition to the GÉANT2 backbone network service that delivers IP and point-to-point capabilities, the GN2 project encompasses a number of Joint Research Activities, Service Activities and Networking Activities offering a range of technology, support and information services to NRENs and their users.

Forming the GN2 “Distributed” Workshop, GN2 presentations are included in the appropriate parallel sessions throughout the conference programme. In addition there is the opportunity to attend the GN2 Panel Discussion on the achievements of the GN2 project and implications for the project’s successor.


Virtualisation Infrastructures for NGIs

This conference session will present three experimental infrastructures for trialling new networking technologies. These employ virtualisation techniques allowing network resources to be allocated among multiple users, while granting each user varying degrees of control over their resources. They aim to be 'technology-agnostic' and to allow disruptive testing to be undertaken without affecting other users on the network.

The FEDERICA project started in January 2008 and is developing a European-wide infrastructure. MANTICORE is a joint European-North American initiative to implement User-Controlled Lightpaths (UCLP) over an intercontinental infrastructure. GENI is focusing on designing hardware platforms that can offer a completely virtualised network stack.


NoAH Sessions on Honeypots

Two sessions on honeypots will be organised by the NoAH project to inform others about the current state of the art and invite comment from a wider audience. Honeypots are hosts specifically set-up on a network to appear to offer useful resources, but which have no production value and can therefore be used to lure attackers in order to analyse their methods and behaviour. The speakers will present the pilot honeypot infrastructure currently being developed. They will also outline the techniques being developed for the automatic identification of cyberattacks, and the mechanisms used to distribute this information to firewalls and other containment systems. The sessions will include talks on the Argos secure system emulator, on the honey@home client for end-systems, and on signature generation and analysis.

Juniper Networks R&E Summit 2008
Monday, 19 May, 09:00 – 12:30
Room Beethoven, ‘Oud Sint-Jan’ Conference Centre

An Invitation from Juniper

This is an important event for technical network engineers in the Research and Education sector. Building on last year's success, Juniper Networks will cover a range of hot networking topics and issues. The R&E Summit is the perfect platform for the Research and Education community to learn more about Juniper's latest developments. This year a particular focus will be on switching technology that represents a new era in networking. The workshop will also give an update on other Juniper Networks technologies, such as latest developments in network access control, and a software development kit (SDK) with intelligent and secure interfaces to JUNOS routing and service functions.

Places are limited, ensuring the event remains interactive and of value to you, so please register now to secure your place!

More information and registration:

'Passionate about Networks' - Workshop
Thursday, 22 May, 14:00 - 17:30
Room Erasmus, ‘Oud Sint-Jan’ Conference Centre

An Invitation from Extreme Networks

We invite you to participate in our 'Passionate about Networks' Workshop. The main topics of the workshop are:

  • Purple by Design, Naturally Green; a true green solution via Universal Port saving energy and costs
  • Open Architecture; how to use Extreme's XML-API's and SDK's
  • Network Automation; how predefined and tailormade scripts can reduce your OPEX
  • Provider Backbone Bridging; a cost effective alternative to MPLS for building nationwide scalable networks
  • Best Practices; learn from your peers.

Prior to the workshop buffet lunch will be offered for participants and after the meeting we invite you to share our passion for Belgian beers and snacks!

Register now to secure your Belgian beer experience!

Registration can be done by e-mail to Mr Gerrie de Jongh:
We are looking forward to seeing you in Bruges!

CISCO Workshop (cancelled)

Thursday, 22 May, 14:00 – 17:30