Jorge-A. Sanchez-P.



Jorge holds Dipl-Ing & Dr-Ing degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has participated in research and development projects and directed teams while in the Academia (NTUA, ICSC), AT&T BellLabs, Research Center Athena, Lucent Technologies, GRNET, etc. Ηe has served as an expert/consultant for the EC, Governments, EICTA, TERENA, telecom companies and VCs, served in the BoD of CEENet & InnoPole Alexandria and was a founding member of eIRG. He has also served as the National Expert on RIs/FP6, ESFRI and STOA. He is a member of IEEE, FITCE, PMI, TEE.

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. will give the following presentation(s):